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Growing up I was taught to appreciate art and find inspiration in all that surrounds us.

My mom is an artist, and when she would work on her paintings she would always set

up art supplies for my siblings and me to use. Whenever we left the house she always

had a large bag of crayons in her pocketbook and a small notebook in which we could doodle. Art was part of our day to day experience, it was a way for us to relax and wind down. I love being creative and the importance of creativity has been instilled in me since

a young age. 

     As I got older, I struggled as a student. Art had a way of giving me a voice when I had trouble writing down the words, gave me confidence when other classes made me feel discouraged and put me on the right track when I was a little misguided in my high school years. When my friends were getting accepted to colleges and I kept getting declined I wasn't sure where to turn. It was around that same time I was introduced to graphic design. I enrolled in Middlesex Community College in the fall of 2006 and my love of art grew more than I ever thought it could. From there I obtained my Associates Degree in Graphic Design and went on to receive my Bachelor's Degree at the New England Institute of Art. 

       After graduating from the New England Institute of Art I I began working as a graphic designer. Working for promotion and stationary companies, I began to learn the ins and outs of communication design. I created my own company, Birch Nine. I have been fortunate enough to work with students, printers, screen printers, embroiderers, fellow designers, small business owners, brides and party hosts. Each have given me a new perspective on how to convey my designs so that they are satisfied with the finished product. 

     I love watching every project evolve from start to finish and finding reasons to be creative. Being an educator and visual communicator, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of students and clients. Each new experience has helped me grow as

a teacher and a designer. In art, people often stress about the final product. Although it is nice to have art on the walls, the process of making art is far more important. With every project the process is different. Artists go through trials and errors while experimenting with materials in order to express themselves. As an artist myself, I find it important to make mistakes which I share with my students often. It is my hope as an art teacher to

help students find their own voice, build the confidence they deserve and, most importantly, build the skills they need to succeed in our ever changing society. 

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